The Chilli Crab - Reproduced A Million Times Since The Early 60s

The Chilli Crab - Reproduced A Million Times Since The Early 60s


Four Heavenly ChefsNobody will blame you if you are hard pressed to name one Singapore dish. Because there really aren't that many. Nasi Lemak is Malaysian and Roti Prata is Indian. Even our beloved chicken rice originated in Hainan.

As far back as the early 60's, this bother our founder, Chef Hooi Kok Wai (after all Chefs can be patriotic too). So he went in search of a blend of the flavours and ingredients of many nationalities that make up Singapore.

Pairing live crabs with chili-ginger sauce and western-style ketchup, he created a spicy, sweet and sour crab concoction.

Unlike some chili crabs in the market that are either too sweet or spicy, Dragon Phoenix's Chili Crab features a touch of acidity that boost the original taste of the shell fish, enhance it with a good stock and finished it with a level of spiciness that will not mask over it's natural sweetness.

These days, you can find variations of Chili Crabs as a standard menu item in seafood restaurants all over Singapore, and in Singaporean restaurants all over the world.

Friends and family socialize for hours, cracking juicy crabs and exchanging juicier gossip. Even long after the last one is eaten, the crowd lingers at the table soaking up the thick gravy with chunks of crusty bread.

After all, something this tasty was destined not to stay under the shell forever.