Welcome to Dragon Phoenix Restaurant

4 Heavenly ChefsBack in 1963, Master Chef Hooi Kok Wai, one of the Singapore's "4 Heavenly Chefs" opened an eating establishment that all would talk about. To begin, he created Singapore's first Chilli Crab, Phoenix Spring Chicken, Yam Basket, and Kyoto Pork Ribs. These dishes have became standard menu items in most Chinese eating establishments.

In the mid 60's, together with the other three "Heavenly Kings", namely the late Mr. Tham Mui Kai, Mr. Sin Leong, Mr. Lau Yoke Pui, they created the "Lunar New Year Raw Fish", which now becomes a culinary culture in Singapore.

Years and dishes later, we know you won't be disappointed. So, soak in the celebrated history our humble establishment. Discover our tradition and some of our new tastes. Be at home at Chef Hooi's pride and joy.